The first magnolias of spring

Mark was really irate at me recently because I took a pair of secateurs to one of our (numerous, I might add) magnolia trees and lopped off a few prime branches to put in a vase. This was when the buds hadn’t bloomed yet and were just plump fuzzy little pods. They were quite sculptural really, and I was pleased with the effect of my (non) floral arrangement.

But the Irishman was very grumpy. He did lots of muttering about cutting things without his “permission” and not knowing which things to cut, and even brought out some sort of old farmer’s almanac with photographs and stabbed his finger at a few obtuse paragraphs.

I pointed out that we had NUMEROUS magnolia trees and that the branches would be admired instead of wasted out there in the garden where no one could see them but the Irishman was not appeased.

The amazing thing was that the very next day, perhaps traumatised and cowed by the mutilation, the magnolia trees in our garden all decided to bloom in marvellous profusion. So the chopping of the branches did do some good in my opinion you see!

Here is Sean admiring one of the NUMEROUS magnolia trees in our backyard….

This one is a fuschia flowered tree but we have others which are paler pink

Finn on the other hand, doesn’t care much for magnolias and is a little jonquil-plucking monster!

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