Sardinian Sojourn

We’re back from our whirlwind holiday where we experienced the tropical rain in Singapore, did a bout of whirlwind shopping in Milan, whizzed around Venice in a speedboat and explored many, many hidden emerald grottos and craggy islands in Sardinia.

It’s been a really emotional time for me as well;- I didn’t realise that I missed Singapore so much… All my crazy friends who say exactly what they mean, screw politeness and all. The spontaneity of having them turning up unannounced at your doorstep at midnight to drag me out for a drink. Clubbing at properly packed clubs. The excruciatingly good and cheap food everywhere, at all times of the day. The skyscrapers and latest Restaurants of the Minute that seem to sprout up overnight. Talking to taxidrivers in my native Singaporean patois, that strange hybrid of different languages, dialects and accents.

And not forgetting of course The Right To Be Pampered. Almost everyone I know has a personal masseur that comes to their house on a weekly basis – mine was a fantastic new agey lady who came to my doorstep every Sunday evening,  mixed up warming nutmeg oils for me, concocted tumeric paste scrub for the babies when they were rashy, burnt salt and sage in my bedroom to cleanse it of ‘negative energy’, held my hand through hard times and cost less than than A$70 for 2 hours of absolute luxury.

It sounds really superficial to crave weekly blowouts, glossy hair and nails, massages and the like, but they make me feel like a woman and less like a frazzled mother of two nappy-clad terrors. And everytime you make the time to do something for just yourself, it’s identity-affirming. I can’t control the explosion of kid-related detritus in my home, but I can control my toenails and I’d like them in Vodka and Cherries Red, thanks very much…

But all good things have to come to an end and now we’re back in the softly drizzling Mornington Peninsula. We returned to find our dam completely full, an almost-lake just aching for a white rowboat. The big open skies and golden shafts of winter sunshine slicing through the trees. The deafening quiet of the countryside at night. It’s good to be home too.

Here are some photos of our very hot holiday. First up – Sardinia….

We have to get a boat in Australia, I just loved the freedom of being on the water…

Slip slap slop!!

Swimming to a secluded bunch of rocks

The Ice Cream Hunks, oily and bronzed in their sarongs – don’t you love italy?

I got a free cornetto, they refused to accept any payment from me, though I saw them ripping off quite a few fat billionaires on their yachts!

Dinner at our hotel – the romantic resort of Petra Segreta, on the hills in San Pantaleo

Sunset and the silhouette of a face

Goodbye Sardinia!

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