Winter petanque at Seaforth Estate

Winter is here and the light is totally different. The sun is much lower in the air and bathes everything in a golden glow in the afternoons.

We met up with our friends at Seaforth Estate today to chill out after the mayhem that was the annual Winter Wine Fair at Redhill. The babies had lots of fun but got rather too tired and became little terrors at sunset.

I managed to appease them with some apple crumble which I made with the cooking apples from our orchard (which are in glorious profusion), and they collapsed in bed with sticky little paws. Sean declared the apple crumble “heaven on earth” and rolled on the floor in front of the fireplace rubbing his belly afterwards.

Winter is turning out to be quite alright after all….

Mark & the babies at Seaforth Estate

Dylan in her little faux fur leopard print coat from Target. I so wanted one for myself!

Mark & Rick enjoying a glass or ten…

Ladies in black

Dylan and Finn make short work of the chippies

Dylan spent the whole afternoon feeding this dog chippies “one for dogdog, one for me”

Why have apple juice when you can have grape juice!

Finn swipes Rick’s beanie hat and sunnies

Mark in deep concentration


The guys play petanque

Poppy hefting a kid

A spectacular sunset with the Melbourne skyline in the distance

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