The crappy iphone 2 MP camera…

I’ve always hated gadget photographers – you know the type, they look at your photos and ask whether you used an aspherical lens, whether you set your white balance with a gray card or an expodisc, and if you shoot RAW or JPEG…

Sadly, I run the risk of becoming one of them these days as I obsess over my ever growing arsenal of camera stuff. So I’ve decided, as a detox project, to take photographs using my iphone camera just to get away from the tech stuff and focus more on the eye.

Incidentally, there is a photographer called Chase Jarvis who has a great blog and book called “The Best Camera is The One That’s with You”, which is a compilation of photographs he’s taken with his iphone. A very interesting read and something useful to fling at the next camera geek that you come across (myself excepted of course!)…

Here are some of my crappy iphone pics:

gummy tree

try me

Pointless endeavour

Tunnel reflection

I’ll be posting more soon, watch this space…

One thought on “The crappy iphone 2 MP camera…

  1. I take all my photos with my iPhone’s crappy camera because I’m too lazy to bring a better camera anywhere.

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