Mushroom Madness

This is what we received in the mail the other day. A housewarming present from the previous owners of the house, along with a sweet little note informing us that it was mushroom season and the best mushrooms were those under the pine trees on the north boundary of our property. They also warned us to get the mushrooms early before the “gypsies” got them, Apparently they regularly forage around the area during mushroom season!

Mark spent the better half of the week researching mushrooms on Wikipedia and came to the conclusion that if we so much as looked at any of them the wrong way we may end up frothing at the mouth. Then we had a dinner party with some neighbours and they all assured us that Pine Mushrooms and Slippery Jacks were the only two that wouldn’t kill us. Everyone agreed that mushroom hunting was terribly trendy now and quite safe if you knew what you were doing. And that’s a big IF!

Finding mushrooms on our land wasn’t hard. They grow at the base of trees….

In the middle of the field….

On the trunksof trees…

On logs….

On horse poo….

Just about anywhere really…

Of course I expressly forbade Mark to eat any of the above as I wasn’t going to entrust our health and safety to the Wikimeister. Also, all of those mushrooms are dubious in origin.
We did find 1 Pine mushroom and a few huge Slippery Jacks, but they were smashed up by Sean’s careless mishandling of the plastic bag they were in. Probably a good thing.
We ended up getting our mushroom fix at Merricks General Store where we enjoyed a wonderful duck ragu with slippery jack confit. Yum.

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