The Pressing of the Leahy Grapes….

While lazing about one Saturday, we received a urgent phonecall from David Lloyd, our wine guru from Eldridge Estate, informing us that our grapes were now ready to be squashed (or whatever the technical term for it was). Quickly, we leapt into the Winomobile and whizzed down to Eldridge to help out with the pressing.

It was a busy day as Mark’s parents were still staying with us and we were expecting the Sheehys, our guests from Singapore, to turn up that afternoon as well, but grapes wait for no man!

Here are our lovely little craisins. They smelt pretty darn yummy when we lifted the lid off the vat, that lovely Pinot Noir heady berry bouquet. Mixed in with a little bit of the pesky Eau de Eucalyptus we have on our property… Apparently they’re already at 14+% alcohol despite only having rested for a few weeks since picking!

Mark applying the scientific Irish Gettawhiffathat test.

Running the grapes through the press…

Grumpy Irish people (Mark, John and Des) being told that they’d have to wait a year before they could taste the grog!

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