Autumn sunset barbie at Tussie Mussie Estate

Our friends from Singapore, the Peters and the Sheehys, were visiting us last week and they stayed around the corner from our house, at a lovely rustic-chic retreat called Tussie Mussie Vineyard Retreat. One of the cute things about Tussie Mussie is that it has a gorgeous outdoor barbeque venue with hanging candle-lit chandeliers and a huge table made out of salvaged railway sleepers.

Here we see Ed Peter, head of the candle brigade, determined to leave no candle unlit.

Mark, our resident pyromaniac…

Determined Ed, who is, at this point, still undaunted by the pesky Mornington Peninsula autumn breezes…

The feast begins…

Of course we had to have the nice glasses out, none of that plastic cup swilling around here!

Des tries to impress Pauline with his jazz hands…

The kids get a few scraps..

But they’re more interested in playing with the headlights of Mark’s car, which had to be turned on to assist the candle lighting which kept on getting blown out by the wind!

Little Mojo covered in stickers

John, enjoying the last stay of his stay in Australia

Mark admiring the mud-brick walls of Julie’s cottage

3 thoughts on “Autumn sunset barbie at Tussie Mussie Estate

  1. Hi Crystal, did you happen to notice in the last pic of Mark that he is looking positively angelic & celestial. Is he the one emanating the light, or is he the chosen one with the beam of heavenly light shining down on him! And who is he looking up to up there?
    Lovely pics.
    Karen x

  2. That’s at Tussie Mussie Retreat in one of the mudbrick cottages that our friends were staying in. The walls had these fabulous sconces to highlight their texture. Mark’s looking for someone to pour him a refill of wino I think!

  3. Hi Crystal – Would it be OK if I shared the picture of Mojo covered in stickers on my blog at with a link back to your site?

    Thanks for considering it!


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