Of roasting marshmallows and twigs in beer

It’s the start of autumn now, the fire ban has been lifted, so Mark and John Leahy decided to celebrate the occasion by building an immense bonfire.
It was the scariest thing and I’m glad the in-laws were around because it was all hands on deck while the bonfire was burning – someone needed to be spraying the thing with water now and then (the eucalyptus and olive branches had so much oil in them, they combusted like petrol bombs when they were tossed on), another person was needed to get more fuel, another person to corral the little ones and prevent them from imminent immolation etc.

Finn gets his little Finley the fire engine out on standby

Daddy shows Sean how to toast a marshmallow

Avant-garde marshmallow roasting technique

Little Dylan was the most sensible one and was appropriately fearful of the fire, unlike the two Leahy boys who were rather too keen on dancing very close to the embers.

Wide-eyed little Dylan.

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