Merricks housewarming

About 30 adults and 20 children turned up for our housewarming on Sunday afternoon. The day started off drizzly but soon turned into a lovely autumn afternoon.
I’m crap at taking photos at my own parties as there’s always a glass being broken or children to be found or drinks to be gotten…

Jack, Andrew and Charlie, Sean’s friends from school and our neighbours

The Lolamobile…

The Poppyster

Darcy and Taylor

Finn kissing little Lola

Barrie, our haybaling neighbour, and Peter Griffiths, the builder who renovated our house 8 years ago

The catering was provided by the wonderful Jacqui Mcmahon, a vision of calmness amidst the chaos! We had lovely seared lamb, halloumi and chutney, flatbread pizzas and sausage rolls…

The little man and his chocolate cake


Aunty Clare helps Finn cut the cake

Aunty Susannah gives Finn some lovely books

Finn helps himself to most of the cake

Clare, Mark, Kate and Peter

Peter, our Portsea triathelete champion ‘neighbour’

Sean and Taylor with buns in their ovens

Mark & me

Darcy tickling Finn

Finn, being very peeved that Lola (who’s just housetrained herself) is scolding him for taking too long on the potty!

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