Do you know how old I am?

Well? I’m three today of course! Everyone’s been telling me that I’m three all day! Let me tell you about my birthday…

First my Daddy was very thrifty. He wrapped all my presents in the Financial Times that arrives 3 days late everyday because we live in the country.
I think it is very silly to read the FT Weekend on Tuesday, but what do I know?!

Here is Iggle Piggle. He is my favourite character from The Night Garden, a show on the telly. Mama and Daddy hid all my presents in our garden and made a treasure hunt for me.

Then after I found the presents, Mei Mei and Ko Ko Sean helped me open them up. Mei Mei likes the wrappers more than the presents. She is little but very crazy.

Oh, another tractor!! Why does Daddy keep on getting those for me?! Bloody country folk…

This is my birthday cake. I think Daddy grew it in the garden. The amount of time he spends in there…

Grandma Florence was on the laptop on Skype and sang my birthday song too!

That will teach Daddy to put anything in Mei’s mouth! I learnt that lesson the hard way too.

Mama gave me a little helicopter pen too.

And this is my celebration at Montessori school. I’m really surprised to see Mama, Daddy, Grandma Pauline and Yeye!

Daddy shows everyone my little baby footprint.

Grandma Pauline and Ye ye can’t wait to eat the popcorn.

I can reach so high, I know I must be a big boy now!

Big hug for Teacher Carol

We sing the birthday song, then I get to put out the candle with the snuffer.

And Teacher Charlotte lights it again so that I can blow it out too!

And later on, in the bath, I find that I’ve grown a very little beard so I asked Daddy to get me my own shaver too!

Otherwise I’m going to borrow his again and nearly give Mama a heart attack!!! I’m so happy to be 3!


One thought on “Do you know how old I am?

  1. The picture of Finn jumping in surprise at preschool is delightful! Happy Birthday, Finn. What a big boy you are.

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