The Amazing Kid Talent Show for Adults

We hosted our first lunch at the house recently and had neighbours Anne and Rick over along with their gorgeous children, Lola (2), Orlando (5) and Poppy (8).
Poppy had the idea of putting together a talent show in the little courtyard at the front of our house and enlisted Sean and Orlando to assist her in making the programme, tickets and assigning seating.

The programme:


The adults were shown their seats behind the benches

The assigned seats for Finn and Lola (their tickets are on top)

I love Lola’s hair!

The master of ceremonies introduces the acts for today

Poppy waiting for her cue

The clown act – no children were actually hurt during the making of this (much…)

Orlando does donkey kicks

Orlando’s Tricks on a Hammock

Lola watching from the safety of the pod chair

Thankfully the hammock survived!

Daddy and Dylan enjoy the show

Sean gets knocked out by a stray football

Look, I can show off too!

FInn plots to swipe Lola’s pink flip flops

Dylan is not too sure about popsicles

Finn and Lola are!

Mmm time for a Magnum!

The talent show was such a success, it ended with a communal dance-off which stretched into dinnertime, and our lunch guests ended up going home at 10.30 p.m! Only in the country!

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