Dinner party for the ex-HSBC crowd

We hosted our first proper dinner party at home for Mark’s good friends from his HSBC days, the Curries and the McMahons.

The menu:

Soto Ayam (Indonesian chicken broth with glass noodles)

Roasted Five-spice Quail with a soy-kaffir lime glaze

Indonesian Beef Rendang with Begedil (potato cakes) and a Vietnamese herb salad

Vanilla ice-cream with lychees

Great tip from my mom – when you’re stressed, always go with Malay/Indonesian food because almost everything can be prepped in advance, leaving you to sort out the logistics of candles, cleaning and looking pretty before the guests arrive!

Mark, Jackie McMahon, me, Alistair and Susannah Currie, Lincoln McMahon

Alistair, Susannah and Linc

Everyone agreed that Mark looked like some dodgy actor who player Alister Campbell in this shot

Me and the Bees

I love my new F1.2 lens

I’m going to regret having this much wine tomorrow!

One thought on “Dinner party for the ex-HSBC crowd

  1. Hi – I’m trying to find Alistair’s father’s address in Glasgow! He sends me a Xmas card and letter every year and I no longer have his address. Please would you ask Alistair to email it to me? Many thanks indeed, Debbie Simmons

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