A lazy friday afternoon with Clare and her kids…

Our wonderful friend Clare, whom we met from the Hoffman Process, is the most adventurous and no-bullshit- tell-it-straight-to-your-face person I know.
This is the friend who, when Sean said “Wow, you have really tall daughters” (Taylor who is 8 yrs old being a whole head taller than him), responded “Nah, you’re just a short-arse, Sean!” and burst into guffaws. No really, she is a gorgeous person!

Anyway Clare came with her daughters, Darcy (11) and Taylor (8) to spend the weekend and had the honour of being our first house guests. The kids had lots of fun even when it rained on Saturday. First the two girls got into their bathing suits (!!!) and ran out in the rain, then came back in when it was too cold. Sean made them hot tea and chocolate biscuits and whilst they were setlling in to watch a movie, he pronounced “Ahhh, this is the life girls!”

Yes it is!

Darcy with Dylan at T’Gallant vineyard for lunch

Dylan adores Clare!

Taylor and Dylan

Darcy jumping about like a shampoo ad girl

Darcy and Dylan, Dylan is gettting totally spoiled!

Scampy Finn fends off the tickle monsters

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