Sean learns to ride a bike!

After 11 years (and three bicycles) of protests and sworn oaths never to learn how to ride, Sean Leahy came to us yesterday and asked for a bicycle. We have a lot to thank his new school for actually. The catalyst was a 5 day long compulsory class cycling and camping trip to Wilsons Promontory (1 hours drive from us);- when Sean was informed about said trip by the teacher, he asked “what if I don’t know how to ride a bike?” and the teacher laughed until he almost wet his pants and said “nice joke buster” or some words to that effect.

So Sean, being the survivor that he is, figured out that to avoid being sniggered at by the GIRLS in his class (yes, co-ed school) and being called a wussbag by the boys (it’s only been a couple of months in Oz but we have been quite familiar with the term “wussbag”), he was going to have to “suck it up, princess” as the aussies say, and learn how to ride.

We got him a 24-inch wheeled bike and Daddy very solemnly took him up to the top of the hill for a lesson, and a day later, he was whizzing about by the dam, hair flying and proclaiming himself the king of the world. We’re so happy for him, that was a major psychological milestone and now he thinks that he’s going to be much braver about the things he thought he couldn’t do.

Here’s a video:


Going offroad

Finn wants his own bike too!

Now it’s your turn Finn!

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