Day out at Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens

After enduring long weekends with the nanny off duty and the three yowling kids at home, Mark and I made an executive decision to plan weekend excursions.

Once the kids are out of the house, time passes so much faster, it’s amazing. Not to mention that it seems insane not to get out and reap the benefits of staying a stones throw away from vineyards, national parks, gardens and beaches. That’s why we came to the Peninsula right? At least that’s what I remember from before the spiraling madness of the move!

Ah, those were the days where I would lie in my rose and jasmine scented bath with a mountain of magazines, a hot cup of Aveda tea on the window ledge and fantasise about our new bucolic life in the country, before dialing the maids downstairs on the intercom to get my 5 course dinner ready on the table… What were we talking about?! Oh yes, the excursion (or rather, our Sanity Preservation Plan).

So our outing this week was to Ashcombe Maze & Lavender garden, touted as Australia’s oldest and most famous traditional Hedge Maze and a mere 10 minute drive from our house. We soon discovered that the various mazes were fun for Sean, but lost on the two babies who couldn’t see the merits of being pushed about through endless lanes only to encounter a flurry of curses when we reached a dead end. We decided instead to have a stroll to the dam on the property for a bit of pretend fishing.

The jetty was a winner – Finn had loads of fun once he found a large stick to use as a fishing rod and Dylan loved swinging her feet off the pier and swirling her toes in the cool water. Sean picked a lot of wild blackberries and speculated on their various culinary uses.

We rounded off the trip with a visit to the local pub, the Pig and the Whistle, for a bit of cheesy music and dancing, Dylan loved the live music and Finn and Sean got to accompany the band on the maracas. All in all (despite the 7 nappy changes), we had a great weekend and we’ve compiled a long list of future destinations – next up are Sunnyridge Strawberry Farm, T’Gallant Vineyard, Raine Hayne & Shine farmyard & petting zoo and the McClelland sculpture garden.

Mei mei Dylan doing a Marilyn

Little Charlie Chaplin

a rose by any other name….

dappled sunlight

who’s that fella?

daddy and his boys

holding on tight

daddy’s the anchor

little bum bum


Finn’s lucky fishing pole

I caught one this big!

Big brother safety belt

cool water under foot

Finn’s got good jeans

The jetty crowd

Mei mei swigging like a pirate

Bye bye Ashcombe Garden!


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