Xmas 2009 Down Under

Santa found our new address!!! We were so busy and disorganised this year, half the presents ended up being wrapped by Mark in his signature stylish mod-chic Aluminium Foil wrapping paper. The children didn’t care much though, you can get away with a lot at this age!

Finn gets the steam roller he has been pestering us about for 5 months. It’s actually a Lego set meant for 5 year olds and Mama ended up putting it together and then fixing it over and over and over again, until we got fed up and stripped it to its exoskeleton because the tiny little plastic pieces kept on falling off.

Which made little Finn lament “why-a Santa take back the driver’s seat of the boo-dozer?! why-a Santa take away the headlights?!” for the rest of the morning.

Dylan enjoyed the wrapping paper more than the presents sometimes…

Dylan’s first Xmas

Daddy got an antique brass and leather telescope from Santa!

Finn making a playdoh cake

We adjourned to have lunch at Max’s Red Hill Estate Vineyard.

The vineyard has a fantastic panoramic water view of the Western Port bay but you can’t see it from this angle thanks to the tourist who helped us take this photo…

Grandma & the babies

Dylan loved her little gold crown, but she howled again when she saw Santa! She just hates Santas!

Finn was absolutely thrilled though, I love his awe-struck expression – he kept on repeating like a mantra “Finn Finn been a GOOD boy Santa! Finn Finn a vewy GOOD boy!” whenever Santa came close…

Santa gave Finn a lovely little blue knit lion that Finn immediately christianed “Santos the Lion” and now he sleeps with him every night!

I need Santa’s publicity agent’s number!

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