Our baby girl is 1!

(I’m not sure where she learnt how to point like that from…)

Our baby Dylan is one!

It’s amazing how you can tell the characters of babies as soon as they were born and Dylan was always the zen baby, cool, confident and calm (except when she’s hungry!).

She’s the sardonic sidekick to our freewheeling hooligan Finn and is an expert in self defense and baby jujitsu. She’s also perfected the art of the withering look, the steely gaze and the dictatorial bark. And she gets the message across in a split second!

My mother always said that she had a whole repertoire of cries – hungry, annoyed, in need for a nappy change and so forth, but she didn’t have a “scared” cry. Not even in the midst of thunderstorms that had all the Leahy males scurrying for cover under their duvets and wailing for mama (the bigger the Leahy boy, the louder the howl, is the general rule!). This girl ain’t scared of anything. Except for maybe a department store Santa. But that’s because she knows a fraudster when she sees one!

She’s also the cuddliest little baby in the world and spends more time with her arms around someone’s neck than a baby koala. But who can resist giving her chunky little butter soft body a squeeze? Not this mama!

But Dylan’s greatest gift is something quite rare. That is, she is someone who knows EXACTLY what she wants. And she cannot be persuaded to accept anything less.

Her brothers can be easily distracted with stories, promises, bright shiny objects, raisins, trucks, computer games and other such things. But not Dylan. Ever since the day she was born, she always knew just what she wanted and stuck to her guns with the tenacity of a terrier. Sometimes it’s a manky old tube of diaper cream she’s after, sometimes a enticing looking credit card or a yummy looking lemon slice on mama’s plate. It’s quite random really, but on the whole she’s a reasonable girl and we’ve all learnt that it’s just easier to give in.

Is it possible to respect such a little thing? Well Mark and I do, and her brothers are in awe of her ballbusting prowess. And she’s just one. I can’t wait to see what things she gets up to in her next year!



yummy french fry for you mama!

daddy fusses over me, yay!

the same expression on both little ones faces

dylan loves her cake

that’s the baby sign for “more more!”

oh she can do serious all right!

the handsome hubby

her birthday walker that mama painstaking assembled from plywood that had to be BENT and nailed and screwed in!

kisses for the love

when’s my birthday mama?!?

dylan loves her new pacifier

thanks for the book grandma!

dada get your hand out of that froggie’s arse!

yum, choccy cornetto

practicing her walking

nanny kathryn popped by to give me some more pressies!

dada’s really trying to conserve water these days!

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