The Special Santa Train…

So we promised we’d take Finn on the special Santa train. This is the Mornington Tourist Steam train that runs between Mornington and Mooroduc stations. It’s a pleasant 45 min round trip and the kids absolutely loved it, especially when Santa came to their carriage. Finn’s eyes nearly popped out when he saw Santa open the compartment door and give him a candy cane, and then he whispered to me “Mama, if Santa is here, who is driving the train!?” Get back to your day job Santa!

The real surprise was that Dylan loved it so much that she bounced up and down on Mark’s knee and giggled with glee at the entire ride. She insisted on poking her head out of the window like a puppy and lapping the air. Poor little Finn got a bit motion sick during the ride and needed a cuddle but Dylan was beside herself with excitement. I think Finn actually enjoyed the idea of the train ride more than the actual ride. When the train started, he clung to me with eyes as wide as saucers and said “Mama, why is the train moving from side to side?!?” After watching approximately 300+ hours of Thomas the Tank Engine episodes, I thought he would have figured out the gig by now!

I highly recommend the ride if you have little ones and are in this neck of the woods, both the kids got to ride for free as they were under 4. The staff are so friendly as it is manned by train volunteers / enthusiasts.

And Finn even got to climb up into the locomotive engine, see the coal being shoveled into the open furnace and pull the train whistle twice! Mei mei Dylan on the platform was nearly deafened by the engine’s TOO TOOOOT and gave a little protest bark. I think she wanted her turn too.

Here are the pics:

Finn is beside himself with excitement

Coupling the engine with the carriages

Finn practicing his whistle

The friendly train driver

in the compartment

Dylan finds a friend

Happy Dylan

Who’s here!

Candy canes!


Finn waiting for Santa to get out

At the station again

Watching the train engine on the turntable

Hi Santa! I’m a good boy!


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