Our first southern hemisphere xmas tree

We have a very small living xmas tree this year which we purchased from our local nursery, Lintons at Mount Eliza. The idea is that you plant the tree in your garden after Christmas, and then next year you can use it again or just leave it there as part of your garden. Perhaps over time we’ll have a small maze made out of retired Christmas trees!

Small aside – Lintons is the most fantastic nursery with endless rows of fruit trees, shrubs, outdoor furniture, and my favourite part of all – a huge store selling lovely domestic goodies like vintage victorian spoons, mexican hammocks, huge wicker picnic baskets, colourful striped wellies for kids, tiny gardening tool sets for toddlers…. you get the idea. Aussies really embrace the great outdoors.

We’ve been getting into the spirit of things and after a bracing swim in our 20-degree pool, we decided to have an impromptu picnic in our garden today – really just 2 beach towels on the lawn, a few vegemite smeared crackers, a handful of dried cranberries and apple juice, but the 2 babies were thrilled and could have stayed outside for hours.

Here are some pics of the children putting up the tree. Sean just left for Hong Kong a few days ago and the house is a little quieter without his dramatic shrieks and pratfalls!

Finn gets in on the action

And big brother Sean shows the babies how it’s done

This will be Dylan’s first Xmas

Dylan gets to put the star at the top of the tree – I did say it was a small tree!

Sean’s big brown eyes

Sean puts the leftover lights to good use

Look what Santa left us under the tree!

look closer….

they’re little gummy flip flop lights! too cute…

3 thoughts on “Our first southern hemisphere xmas tree

  1. Everything I see,I love. I just so want to be there. I may not be able to hold out until March. Perhaps I will steal a little week for myself while John is doing his course in January.
    You’re all looking better, more relaxed, more acclimatized with each new picture. I want to have a bit of that better, more relaxed look.
    Aren’t the beach huts adorable? Are they privately owned? And the beach is soooo crowded!!! Who couldn’t love it? Have you been swimmimg in the ocean?
    Just had a lovely dinner with Sharon, Co and Ava. It’s Sharon’s birthday so we had a little celebration. They’ll be back next weekend. Ava’s running with the Irish Ladies’Senior Team in the X country. They were told today that they’re expected to win a medal! So no pressure at all at all.
    Still deaf in the right ear but gungy, horrible stuff has lessened in thickness and quantity and colour. I knew you would want me to share that with you. Anyway it seems like I’m on the mend DG.
    Talk soon, Mark, I hope. Sharon etc are leaving here at 1030 tomorrow.
    LOL Mum xox

  2. I don’t think you can uproot the trees again once you’ve put them in the ground. So be prepared for that Christmas tree maze in the backyard!

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