Saturday afternoon at Mornington Pier

I caught a squirmy one!

We had a fish and chippie lunch at Schnappers, a lovely shack by the beach, followed by a stroll down the pier to see the boats. Sean and Finn were enthralled by the fishermen and squealed like piglets when one of them caught a squid, which narrowly escaped Death By Crocs as Finn tried to dance an Irish jig on it.

I bought some succulent looking scallops from a fishing trawler moored to the pierside and Shameless Finn took the opportunity to ask “Uncle Fisherman” for a ride on his boat so he ended up being given a free little tour the trawler and was super pleased with himself. Everyone here is very chilled out about letting Finn do stuff to their boats, kayaks, boogie boards etc, so he is getting braver and braver about asking! The other day he asked a policeman whether he could drive their car and that was the only time he got a polite rebuff… Oh well, there’s always the fire station round the corner.

Some pics!

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