Sean’s 11th birthday!

Sean's 11th

Mark was fretting about activities for Sean’s birthday party a few hours before the event (his famous advance planning still standing him in good stead), and had an emergency consultation with me about whether he should organize party activities, outdoor treasure hunts etc.

I briefly updated him of the following pertinent facts – that Sean was turning 11, not 3, and that “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” was not currently fashionable in his social circle anymore.

I asked Mark what Sean wanted to do, since I recall my birthday parties at 11 involved getting 50 bucks off my mother and hightailing it to Pizza Hut with my gang of 4 friends and getting up to mostly nefarious activities.

Apparently Sean had requested an excursion to an electronic games arcade (jeez, just typing that makes me feel old) but Cheapskate Mark had decided that $30 bucks a head spent on tokens was a waste of good money.

I reminded Mark that we once bought 20 bags worth of over-priced sugary crack for $38.50 A PIECE(!) at a novelty store in Holland Village for Sean’s 8th birthday. Then I gave him a kick in the ass and told Sean that Daddy was going to bring him to the arcade for his birthday, along with his bestest little brother Finn and other friends while Mom relaxed in a spa bath took good care of baby Dylan.

So off they went and had a good time. Finn was positively epileptic after all the flashing lights and delirious with glee from cake. The big boys indulged in a spot of night swimming and a pringle-filled sleepover. And Dylan batted her eyelashes at everyone and practiced her baby flirting. Everyone had fun and it only cost Stingy Dad $90 in the end!

Happy birthday Sean!

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