Singapore newspapers suck

I never read the local newspapers on the weekends. It depresses me and I feel sad for the wasted trees. Mark however, gets a kick out of the inanity and will spend hours poring over drivel relating to squabbling neighbours, mysterious objects found in char siew bao buns, runaway maids etc.

This weekend, he insisted that i watch this video of Singapore’s latest beauty pagent queen mangling up her interview to somewhat comical effect. There was a loud outcry from the proletariat over the use of sound effects like “BOOMST!” and her strange diction (“I love to wear leopard preenz”) and grammar (“A piece of Biginni” apparently is “a bikini piece”.

However, I think it’s a fairly accurate rendition of how most teenage girls in Singaporean speak. I have some sympathy for her having to endure the overwhelming public derision in the papers and on the net.

The video however, is quite entertaining if you watch it in tandem with the music video.

I still hate the papers though…

Note: I did not make these videos!

music vid

don’t write to me about your lost brain cells!

One thought on “Singapore newspapers suck

  1. You know, I feel rather sorry for the girl too. She basically speaks English like it’s her second language, and while that is disappointing because there are so many opportunities to learn how to speak well in Singapore, it’s not unusual in Singapore. Her answers are inane, but not really much more than the typical beauty queen contestant. She’s no South Carolina.

    She looks good and is poised, so why can’t she win? If anything, blame the judges for emphasizing looks over the way she speaks.

    Local newspapers are another matter. They are indeed lousy. I actually don’t mind topics being super local and inane, but the reporting is often so lazy and shallow that even the stupid stories don’t make sense.

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