3 cakes for my 30th

My 30th birthday family dinner

I had 3 cakes over 3 days when I turned 30 on the 30th;- one on Friday at the surprise party that Mark threw for me (will write about that later when I get the photos), one on Saturday at the family dinner my parents organised at the Mandarin Oriental, and one on Sunday at home with just mark, the kids and my mom.

That’s a lot of cake!

Dylan enjoyed her first taste of wine and drank about half a glass of Chateau Ausone.  Finn pronounced my cake very tasty although the crunchy chocolate pellets looked like rabbit poos. Sean wrote me a very sweet poem which said I was beautiful and caring but that my hair was “sinister like the void of space..” Right. Let’s not tell the child psychologist about that…

I had a really good time and am very very happy about being in my 30s, I’ve never been happier, loved more or been loved by so many. Promise to post more about the surprise birthday party soon…

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