Lana’s farewell dinner

lana opens pressies

One of my best friends, Lana, is moving to New Zealand with Finn’s girlfriend 2-year old Georgia. We will all miss her very much, especially for the Tuesday brunches at her house where she never fails to serve scrumptious treats to us bedraggled mothers and our little monsters after swimming class.

Lana’s pregnant with her 2nd child, I can’t wait to see the little one and will have to visit her in New Zealand next year. Meizee says NZ has fantastic clean air, spectacular scenery and fabulous shopping – it’ll be great.

One thought on “Lana’s farewell dinner

  1. Hi Hon!!

    Love these photos!!! Do you have one of Kathy as well? When you have some time, would you mind sending me the full res pics? Oh and also the group ones of us at your 30th please!!!

    Hamish saw these photos today and he absolutely loved them. He says you have such a great technique for photography.

    Miss you loads!!!


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