Finn’s first kiss

Lana’s moving to New Zealand to accompany her husband Hamish while he’s pursuing a Phd. This is bad news for Finn who will miss playmate Georgia. I must say he’s been playing very hard to get with the girls in his babygroup who bestow kisses to the back of his curly locked head while he squirms and squeals “DOWAN!”

The only time I ever saw him kiss a girl face to face was last week when Lana brought Georgia over for a playdate. He’s still keeping his options open though – this week I heard him chime out of the blue “Want to marry Coco-bean! (Julie’s daughter)” and just yesterday “Want to see photo of Molly-jo holding the umbrella”…

I did warn him that if he wanted to marry Molly-jo she would have the unfortunate Irish-joke moniker Molly-Josie Sheehy-Leahy.

Pics of Finn’s first kiss below. They are blurry bcos I had the camera on the wrong setting, kids move so fast by the time you grab your camera it’s all you can do to press the shutter and hope for the best…

little kiss

kissy face 2


oh the sweetness!

and even baby Dylan got some TLC from Georgia

img 0295 2


3 thoughts on “Finn’s first kiss

  1. What super pix, Crystal. Finn is such a handsome little boy. Dylan’s hair just gets better. xox

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