My salad days…

100 salads from the New York Times

(Francesco Tonelli for The New York Times)

The New York Times has an excellent article with 100 inspirational salad recipes to try out, so there’s no excuse for boring greens. Check it out here

I love salads and I’ve been meaning to try a retro carrot & peanut salad with vinegar dressing that Nigella recommends in “Forever Summer” because Finn adores peanuts and will eat anything with them in it. His word for peanut is “ka chang” which is Bahasa Indonesian, because that’s what Aunty Noor & Suma call them.

Finn hasn’t got a favourite salad yet, but here are ours:

Mark’s favourite summer salad is tarragon with rocket, grapes, feta cheese and sliced shallots with a sherry vinegar dressing.

Sean’s is watermelon with onion, mint and feta cheese.

Mine is Thai rare beef salad with toasted rice powder, shallots, watercress, mint, and a lime-fish sauce dressing.

What’s yours?

One thought on “My salad days…

  1. I love eating good salads, but when I make them myself, I have to admit I’m rather disrespectful and just tend to throw in whatever is cheap and tends to store well in the fridge for a bit. I am happiest eating salads made with homegrown lettuce. You can grow some in Australia!

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