blog in 5 minutes

I’ve been getting a lot of “where do you find the time!” type comments from people about the new blog. Honestly, it hardly takes more than a few minutes to post things with such advanced blog technology these days.

The old website was an hour’s work everytime updated the website because I did it on mac’s iWeb application and then published it online. It took:
– 20 minutes to write the stuff
– 10 minutes to edit how it looked
– 30 minutes to press the publish key and then yell at the computer when it said “An unknown publishing error occured” (repeat 3x)

so I decided to move the blog to, which is an internet- based application, just like hotmail or gmail.

It’s really simple and streamlined. the wordpress blog took me 5 minutes to set up and another 10 minutes to twiddle around with themes, colours etc.

and what’s key is that now I can post by email – you just send an email to your blog’s admin address, put the heading of the post in the subject of the email and write the contents in the email body, and bang, it gets sent to your website.

which is perfect for busy mamas like me.

get your free blog in 5 minutes at

and no, this isn’t a paid advertisement!

2 thoughts on “blog in 5 minutes

  1. You can also blog from your iPhone using the WordPress app, though photos don’t usually come out that well if you take and send them from the phone.

    • thanks for the tip, i got really freaked out bcos I was playing with blog stats and i found a few people who got referred to my blog bcos they did a wordpress search for “p0rn” and I wrote a post referring to decor p0rn… creepy!

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