finn leahy’s thoughts on champagne grapes

Finn’s going through a pretty interesting lateral thinking phase now.

The other day he watched “Dora the Explorer’ for the first time, which features a cunning fox character called Swiper who swipes things (btw, is there an animal equivalent of racism? why are foxes always typecast as sneaky?).

Swiper’s catchphrase is “Awww MAN!”, which is enunciated, spookily enough, in the same exasperated tone as Sean Leahy when told he has to eat mung beans for lunch.

So Finn was trying to recall Swiper’s catchphrase…. “Whattuh Swiper say, Mama?” and then it occured to him – “Mama, Swiper say “Awww GUY!” . which is interesting, as it’s a synonym substitution.

I chalked it up to ‘one of those things’, and then a few days later, I taped Finn babbling about champagne grapes – let’s see if you can spot the lateral association in this video…

One thought on “finn leahy’s thoughts on champagne grapes

  1. What a super surfer dude already. Don’t cut the fabulous hair. Grandma Pauline x

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