bye bye singapore house…

Now that we’ve sold the house, here’s one last goodbye to it before we move out in November. We’ll miss the greenery and the privacy, the resident monitor lizard (but not the occasional monkey visitors), the Chinook helicopters that fly over the pool every weekend, the friendly horde of squirrels who munch on our ginger flowers and the lovely memories of the little babies and their many ‘firsts’ taken in all these rooms.

2 thoughts on “bye bye singapore house…

  1. This really is a beautiful house. It’s rare to find a piece of property in Singapore with such a sense of seclusion, but which is still in a convenient location. Thanks for having us over.

    Where did you get the wallpaper for Finn’s room again?

    • hey jit, thanks for the compliments. I will miss the house for sure but I also love change. The wallpaper in Finn’s room is called Noah’s Ark and you can get it from – you send them an email with the measurements of your wall and they will custom make it and mail it to you. are you thinking of wallpapering your house?

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